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A Complete Guide To Canada PR Application Procedure Explained In 7 Simple Steps!

canada pr process

Canada is the most sought-after destination for immigrants to settle down permanently. The maple country invites immigrants through numerous immigration pathway programs involving fairly easier procedures and shorter visa processing times.

Canada Permanent Residence or Canada PR process is a five-year multiple-entry visa for skilled foreign workers with an extension or renewal of visa after five years. It permits immigrants to apply for Canadian Citizenship after three years of stay and work with a Canadian PR card.

Canada PR process equipped, with the best immigration consultants in Pune Apex Visas requires a minimum score of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for Canada PR under the Express Entry System.

An evaluation is conducted on the basis of Age, Education, Language Proficiency, Work Experience, Adaptability, and Arranged Employment, and the best immigration consultants in Pune Apex Visas are out there for clarifying your doubts and queries and the redressal of problems regarding Canada PR process!

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) consists of four major sections, and a candidate gets scored out of 1,200 points based on Core or Human Factors, Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors, Skills Transferability, and 600 Additional Points for Provincial Nomination, helmed and exemplified by the immigration consultants at Apex Visas.

Canada PR Application procedure entails the following steps:

Step 1. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

An applicant has to get Educational Credential Assessment or ECA proving that their foreign education is on par with the Canadian level.

Step 2. Language Proficiency Report

In the Canada PR process, the candidate needs a language expertise report with the IELTS to score demonstrating if the English skills of the applicant are as per the Canadian Government Benchmark Level (CLB) 7.

Step 3. Express Entry Application

Once the candidate has both the documents, they can create an online profile in the Express Entry System profile.

Step 4. CRS Score

The applicant receives a score after filling the application form serving as a cut-off to assess applications. If you have the required CRS score, you become eligible for the Canada PR visa.

Step 5. Express Entry Draw.

The applicant needs to wait for the Express Entry Pool draw, held at regular intervals. Those who are above a specific rank get an invitation for PR.

Step 6. Invitation To Apply (ITA)

In the Canada PR process, you’ll get an Invitation To Apply (ITA) if you’re above the rank. You’ve 60 days to apply for PR from the time of receiving.

Step 7. Final PR Application

You can send in the final PR application with the required documents. The authorities aim to process a majority of these applications within six months. If it gets the nod of approval, you’re game for PR authorization!

However, the best immigrant consultants in Pune Apex visas, apart from specializing in Permanent Residency Visas, Study Visas, Tourist Visas, and Dependent Visas offer personalized services pertaining to Canada PR process like Profile Evaluation, Documents & Review, Dedicated Case Officer, Visa Filing, Test Preparations, Visa & Interview, Post-Landing Service, and Resume Writing, Profile Marketing for job-seekers.

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