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Apply for Spouse visa to canada from India

canada spouse visa

Canada is the familiar name when it comes to migration with easy immigration policies and a strong developed economy. If you are a Canada Permanent resident and want to take your dependent family members with you, you need to have a dependent visa. There are spouses, children, parents, grandparents who fall under the dependent visa category.

To live and get settled as a permanent resident in Canada, the economy offers familiar immigration visas with the immigration policies. Through the migrant visa, one can unite with the family. By holding a spouse visa for Canada as a PR, there is a special privilege for them under the spouse sponsorship program.

In comparison to other visas, there are various procedures of a spouse visa, which has a higher variable for the visa applications. It is because there are different educational requirements, language proficiency, and work experiences required for migration.

Canada Spouse Visa
The Canadian spouse, immigration sponsorship program, permits the PR to sponsor their spouse as a Canada PR. This visa allows the spouse to live, work, and gets settled as a PR in Canada.

Canada Spouse Visa is categorized as an inland and outland sponsorship. The partner who lives together in Canada as a temporary resident and the partner who lives outside Canada are termed as inland and outland spousal ownership visas.

Spouse Visa for Canada Immigration
The PR visa holder, as a citizen of Canada, can apply for the spouse visa. The sponsoring partner and the spouse both must be mature and aged more than 18 years. The authenticity of the relation must fulfill the criteria set by Canada immigration for citizenship.

Spouse: Eligibility
To sponsor the spouse the mentioned below are the eligibility,

  • Age: The spouse must not be minor; the minimum age must be 18 years
  • Resident: The resident must be a Canadian.
  • Records: There must not be and serious offense or case, the records must be clean, and there must not be any charge.
  • Invitation to immigration: The migrant must not be invited to migrate as a sponsored spouse for the Canada immigration within a period of the last five years.

Once a spouse gets a dependent visa, they can further study or work with the relevant permits. By hiring a professional migration to Canada becomes easier. It is because there are several chances why the application for a visa can be terminated.

  • If the candidate is below 18 years, or the spouse is married to someone else during the marriage to the sponsored applicant.
  • If the candidate gets failed to support any previous sponsorship using the financial evidence.
  • If the candidate lives separately or involved in a relationship with the third person as common law.
  • If the candidate is not examined by the CIC, or already engaged with the sponsorship agreement and filing another application.

Required Documents for migration:
The Canada dependent visa for Canada immigration requires documents like passport, background documentation, immigration certificate, relation proof, adequate finance proof, and complete application.

Taking the dependent member of your family or the spouse to Canada with a complete immigration process can be easily carried with the consult of the immigration Agent. Apex Visas helps in getting your documents to check for the visa, provide assistance for the application process, take updates and follow-up, get the application filing, and migrate with post landing support.