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Express Entry – Immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker

Canada Express Entry | Apex Visas

It has been 5 years of express entry system. Started in 2015 Express entry system was imposed for immigration to Canada. It is an immigration process that selects the skilled workers to migrate on the basis of the knowledge and skills they possess. This system has eliminated the selection process of a first come first serve basis. For fast immigration, the federal skilled workers have become a part of the express entry program to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.

The demand for Canada immigration is high because there is a shortage of skilled workers and those who wish to get settled and live in Canada as a PR need to enter for migration from the pool of candidates willing to migrate.

The FSW immigration program – Express entry is a point-based system that is divided on the basis of educational skills, and qualifications, working experience, age, etc. Because of the pandemic in 2020, the CRS Score has gone down by 2 points. A minimum of 67 points is required for migration.

Know how these 67 points out of 100 are divided under the Federal Skilled Workers Program:

Score based on Linguistic skill 28 max
Score based on Educational background 25 max
Score based on Work experience 15 max
Score based on Age 12 max
Score based on Adaptability 10 max

Commonly migrants get confused between the CRS and FSW points. Read below to know a major difference:

CRS – comprehensive ranking system is used in score calculations for those who want to enter under the express entry pool. This system classifies that a migrant needs to score at least 67 points to apply for immigration to Canada under the FSW program.

FSW Points System CRS System
Test to determine initial eligibility to apply for the permanent residence visa Ranking procedure to analyze the rank and chances of selection from the pool of Express Entry applications
Points allotted under individual factors Points allotted as group
Focus on age, education, work experience, language skills, job offer, adaptability Focus on core capital, spouse factors, skills for transferability, points allotted as bonus
Spouse skills and other factors are not included in the points-based system Spouse skills and other factors are included in the points-based system differently
Provincial Nomination Program – no points system Provincial Nominations Program –fetch up to 600 points

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Besides this remember that the FSW program is calculated on the basis of 100 points in total, whereas CRS is calculated on the basis of 1200 points in total.

By the applicants, the minimum Visa requirements should be fulfilled as per the FSW program. This includes the experience to work at a managerial level, scoring the minimum passing marks as per the point-based system.

Those who are willing to work and stay as a PR in Canada they need to migrate under the express entry program.

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