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Get Your Dependent Migrate to Canada through Canada Family Visa

Canada Family Visa

Immigration to Canada is very demanding for the peoples who look for career growth; this has made an increase in demand for the Canada family visa too. Since the family is essential, Canada has committed the family reunification. It brings a chance for permanent residence to bring their family to Canada through the Canada family visa.

Who can migrate to Canada under the CIC program?
The Family visa is the part of the CIC, program where a particular visa for Canada immigration and citizenship is provided. It is entitled to a minimum 18 years where under the family following members can immigrate – the spouse or law partner, dependent children or parents, grandparent, or grand Childs. In the extended case, the other relatives like orphaned niece or nephews can also migrate by holding a valid visa.

What are the different types of visas offered for the family members?
There are several visa categories offered for the Canadian citizens based on which the most suitable one is selected according to the family member under the family Visa program. There are dependent visas, spouse visas, super visas for the grandparents and parents, family-sponsored visas, family-based PNP visa.
Different categories are based on a different set of requirements that are complied for the Canada immigration under the Canada family visa program.

What is the process of immigration to Canada by holding a Canada family Visa?
Getting a family visa becomes more comfortable if done by the support of the immigration agent. A consultant decreases the chance of visa rejection so hiring a professional for an immigration visa is helpful.

  • An invitation letter is sent to the family members to whom the Canada resident visa needs to be sponsored.
  • The capability to support the family members, which proves the financial strength, is examined. The initial stay period is from 3 to 10 years.
  • An agreement letter is signed, which confirms that the responsibilities and obligations are mutually confirmed.
  • The document is undertaken with the proper signature promising that the sponsoring person will provide the basic needs of the family members.

There is a long list of immigration rules and procedures to be covered for immigration. The legal service provider which includes the migration and legal consultation service can help to migrate and get the Canada Family Immigration Visa.

How hiring an immigration consultant in Mumbai helpful?
The consultants are professionals and updated, so they deliver comprehensive and up to date information of immigration to Canada for the individuals, family members, business persons etc. The immigration service is equipped with detailed information enabling the client to make an informed decision.

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