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How many Years of Experience Required for Australian Immigration?

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Australia, alongside Canada, is another country popular among immigrants across the globe. The country’s economic stability, spectacular landscapes, outstanding public infrastructure, and promising career opportunities constitute its preference among aspiring immigrants. While aspirants ask many questions concerning Australia immigration, one of the most common ones is how many years of experience is required for Australia immigration. As one of the leading Australia immigration consultants in Delhi, Apex Visas answers this question for budding Australia immigrants.

Australia follows a point-based system that requires applicants to score a minimum of 60 points. Of course, there exist several criteria based on which an individual’s application is evaluated. However, in the case of this blog, let us look at the skilled employment aspect of Australia immigration.

Australia Skilled Employment Immigration

Applicants earn points for employment experience in a skilled occupation in Australia or another country. The applicant must have experience in a nominated occupation on one of Australia’s list of occupations, or the one which is closely associated with earning points for skilled employment and must have been gained in the last ten years.

Applicants get points separately for skilled employment experience gained within Australia and elsewhere. The maximum score an applicant can earn is 20 points. The below table will give you a clear idea of the points associated with the numbers of experience within and outside Australia. It also indicatively answers your question.

Number of Years of Skilled Employment Within Australia in the Last Ten Years Points
1 Year 5
3 Years 10
5 Years 15
8 Years 20


Number of Years of Skilled Employment Outside of Australia in the Last Ten Years Points
3 Years 5
5 Years 10
8 Years 15


So, how many years of experience do you need to immigrate to Australia? Well, the more experience you have within Australia in the last ten years, the more points you earn. However, even if you have experience outside Australia in the last ten years, you earn points based on the number of years of experience. The higher your employment score total, the better it contributes to your overall score.

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