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How the coronavirus is affecting immigration to Canada

How the coronavirus is affecting immigration to Canada

To deal with the coronavirus pandemic situation the PM has announced limit travel to Canada with restrictions. It has affected Canada’s immigration, citizenship, and passport applications.

A variety of measures are put for immigration to Canada by the Canadian Government, where they have closed the borders for foreign nationals. But, it was continuously accepting the applications for immigration and kept a hold on express entry draw, letter of invitation to migrate.

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Canada has delayed its 2020 opening for the parents and grandparents too.

The call for expressions of interest

Based on the present situation, The Canadian Government is prioritizing the efforts and contributing towards the nation in response to the pandemic. As the application process is going on the delay in migration to Canada may not impact much and would open soon.

As the first come first serve process is followed; 1,00,000 people tried to access the application form at the same time. Canada has become flexible in the application process and provides more time in applying the candidates affected by the coronavirus disruptions.

Migration to Canada during coronavirus pandemic

The Canadian Government has decided that only Canadian citizens and their immediate family members, PR with a spouse, dependent parents or children, guardian, step-parents, temporary foreign workers, international students can migrate to Canada.

The immigration to Canada restriction took effect from 18th March and is likely to end by 30th June 2020.

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