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Australia is a wonderful destination with land of opportunities and vibrant culture.They always  welcome skilled people because the major part in the development of Australian economy is Immigrants. Australia has always given the chance to many young and talented individuals to come,work,live,explore new things and settle in Australia on Permanent basis. Rising opportunities in Kangaroo […]

Canada is a famous and most ideal nation across the world which has exceeded as the best manageable nation for their national and workers. Prominent development is the major goal of Canada. The obligation for expanding the quantity of Canadian immigration is for cheering a smooth progression of one’s migration. How Canada makes the world […]

Dream is a most beautiful factor to live a good life with tons of hopes. Now people want to give a boon to their dream and try to create a milestone “Dreams Comes true” in their life. Why we are waiting? We also live our life with full of adventure, acclimating new culture and environment, […]

Canada is one of the most beautiful and best countries for Indian immigrants. Canada has very liberal and tremendously systemized “Express Entry System” is proof of their migration program. What is the Canada PR Visa? The Canada PR gives permanent resident status to most desiring immigrants. It allows immigrants to work and live in the […]

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany is the most stunning and powerful country in Europe as well as a center of analysis and innovation. It offers lots of opportunities for professionals with the right background. With a booming economy and luxurious lifestyle, Germany is one of the best places to make your life and settle as a family. What is […]

When you are applying for immigration, you’re not simply to immigrate a country, you immigrate to a whole continent. Why you immigrate to Australia? Australia is an island continent and the world’s sixth largest country, additionally in style around the world for its beautiful landscapes in addition as its landmark buildings together with the Sydney […]

If you have got unlimited selections and expertise area limitless then fly to Dubai for having a brand new experience. Associate abundance of things to try and do and see in city wherever trendy design unites with history and culture. Most of the Indians visiting Dubai for the aim of tourism to explore the beauty […]

Why New Zealand is a part of your wish to settle down? New Zealand is a dream country to live, work and get settled permanently with wonderful cities, dazzling beaches, land of long white cloud, the moderate climate, and friendly welcoming culture. An advantage in living in New Zealand: Great Weather with the beautiful scenic […]

Why we choose Canada? Canada is a very beautiful country with decorative natural scenery by nature, universal healthcare and progressive politics. Advantage of living in Canada Fairly good health care system with very few out-of-pocket expenses. Crime ratio is very low. Good primary education system and highly literate people. Good social service system Plenty of […]

Dubai is a dream destination for travelers. It’s full of amazing things, and seeing you won’t be able to get anything else, boasts of some of the most spectacular and monumental structures, that has been attracting visitors from all over to witness man made creation in its full glory. It’s frequently called to as the […]

Australia, the beautiful island country is one of the ideal destinations to immigrate as the country offers ample growth opportunities for the immigrants to have a bright future. If someone looking for a country which has a peaceful life, advanced transport and communication, friendly people, outdoor lifestyle, good health care facilities, and stable economy then […]

Canada Immigration benefits are numerous. From a safe & secure environment to terrific business/investment opportunities, from lifetime free healthcare to a variety of social assistance schemes, the overseas nation provides numerous benefits to those who shift to it and become its nationals. Here are some of the many benefits which greet the Indians, who shift […]

Each person’s definitive aim in life is to accomplish a great job and have an extraordinary profession. That is one of the reasons why Germany has become so famous and a famous destination amongst all students and job seekers. Also Germany has great job opportunities for people from other countries to contribute towards their growth. […]

Canada Express Entry is a migration method that enables talented workers to inspire chose to work in Canada under the country’s Federal economic programs. Candidates ought to present their online profile to the Canada Express Entry pool. The commonplace government and Canadian employers search for the best candidates who are chosen by the Canadian Federal […]

New Zealand is a propelled country with a rich cultural background. Consistently, an extensive number of abroad applicants apply for New Zealand immigration. There are various reasons why applicants move to this country. Here are some of the reasons which are described below: Beautiful Landscape & Soothing Climate New Zealand, otherwise called the Land of […]

To enter any foreign Country or territory, you need permission. It may be only a stamp or a complete document. This permission or consent is known as visa. In any case, on genuine entry, the person needs to report and get it checked by a migration official. Did you realize that may be worth addressing […]

Australia, the land well known for tranquility and less concrete has frequently been viewed as the primary inclination for excursion and a momentary relaxation remain. Be that as it may, with the expanding improvements and the sky touching skylines, this land is currently romanticized as a fantasy home for many Indian families. In chase for […]

Canada Express Entry has become mainstream in recent years because of the high number of immigrants of this country. Canadian Express Entry is a system that oversees permanent resident application under the existing migration programs. It fundamentally chooses skilled workers to Canada under the Federal Economic projects. Applications need to submit online profiles to Express […]

Australia is a popular choice for immigration who wants to experience in life so far. Australia have been encouraging and welcoming the new migrants for a better future. Apex Visas is a prominent Visa Consultancy in India which is a leading organization involved in providing immigration assistance to clients interested in getting immigration to Australia, […]

A.V. Immigration & Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. also known as Apex Visas is a Pune based company that has endeavored since its inception in 2010 to bring a one stop solution to all immigration related queries. We facilitate and deal on Permanent Resident Visa, Tourist Visa, Job Seeker Visa, Student Visa, EB-5 Investor Visa, Entrepreneur Visa […]

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