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Setting Your Foot In Canada In The Menacing Time Of COVID-19

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The outbreak of COVID-19 and its continual upsurge make the world topsy-turvy and it’s but natural that travelling abroad or getting permanent residency in foreign countries, say, to immigrate to Canada, is a difficult proposition. To complete your application process to immigrate to Canada, you need to land up in Canada first. With the border currently a ‘no-entry’ zone for non-essential travel, many foreign nationals are left in the lurch as to how to finalize their application to immigrate to Canada while conforming to COVID safety protocols.

Travelling to Canada depends on your current immigration status. You should know that the Canadian Government is still processing applications to immigrate to Canada, period taking longer than usual.

What if you’ve not submitted application

The Canadian Government is asking foreign nationals to wait till all supporting documents are available before submitting an application to immigrate to Canada.

You may experience delays and if your documentation processing is underway, you may submit proof like receipt accompanied by a letter explaining the reasons for not being able to acquire the necessary documents to immigrate to Canada.

Currently, Canadian Government accepts language test results or educational credential assessments submitted electronically. 

Express Entry Applicants

Express Entry applicants have 90 days for application submission to immigrate to Canada upon receiving an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

If your application to immigrate to Canada has been given the green signal

You are permitted to enter Canada if met with following criteria:

  • A valid CORP card issued on or before March 18, 2020.
  • A valid CORP card issued after March 18, 2020, and having an immediate family member who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Currently in US and coming to Canada directly. 

 You’ve a CORP supposedly, but haven’t landed yet

You should wait for instructions from Immigration, say, Canada immigration consultants in Delhi, or elsewhere, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You shouldn’t travel to Canada to validate your CORP at a port of entry because you’ll be denied permission.

Mandatory quarantine timeline

All foreign nationals are required to complete a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. You need to assure Canadian border officials that you’ve planned to complete quarantine period, failure of which, restricts your entry to Canada.

Employment scenario in Canada during COVID crisis

While Canadian economy is yet to see the light of the day, many are still struggling to regain employment. Though Canada offers job opportunities for newcomers, it still seems to be a Herculean task looking for employment.

Healthcare in Canada 

To immigrate to Canada, you must have healthcare coverage like Canadian citizens and permanent residents. You must meet the residency requirements of your province. However, your physical presence for at least half of the year, is an absolute must to immigrate to Canada.

If you’re new, not having the accessibility of Canadian healthcare coverage could leave you vulnerable and you should consider this before planning your travel to Canada. 

The current time is hard on Canadian immigration department, to be precise, Canada immigration consultants in Delhi or anywhere, and foreign nationals. Your chances to immigrate to Canada successfully are high if you hire experts like Canada immigration consultants or elsewhere.

So, to immigrate to Canada is difficult, but not impossible. With experts like Canada immigration consultants or anywhere, you can significantly increase chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residency. 

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