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What is the CRS score required for Canada Immigration?

CRS Score for Canada Immigration

Since Canada has a high GDP and has a highly developed economy, most of the skilled people opt to migrate. It is a perfect choice for Permanent residency, and people can apply through an express entry program.

The express entry offers an opportunity to migrate through the eligibility and CRS – point-based system (Comprehensive Ranking System). Through this, a candidate’s potentiality is judged and ranked further based on which the express entry is made.

CRS score is based on the following mentioned below eligibility, which is the minimum requisition for immigrants to hold Canada immigration PR Visa.


Since Canada offers a lot of new job opportunities, it welcomes experts. The minimum age must be 18 years as the candidate is found mainly as a dependent, and the maximum age limit is 35 years. The applicants who are aged 35+ can also apply, but the highest point (up to 12) under the CRS system is given to those who are between 18 – 35 years.

Working experience:

With a minimum of one year of experience to maximum 10 years, a candidate is scored based on its job description, requirements, work, and duties a maximum of 15 points is awarded, of which 9 points are minimum. The applicant must have the experience to work, which is categorized under a different type of skill A, B, C, and O. This helps in classifying. These skills categorize to migrate as an Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Many candidates may also undergo specialized training.

Language skill:

Since, after migration to Canada, language could be the main barrier an applicant must be fine in English speaking, reading, listening, and writing as well. The minimum score is 7 points, and 28 is the total count. If you know how to speak, read, and write the French language, it could be an added benefit.

To proof the language proficiency, an applicant needs to get a score under the IELTS. Another important document is an Educational credential Assessment, which proves the state qualification

Educational background:

To showcase your expertise, you need to hold a valid educational degree, Diploma, certification, Ph.D. etc from high school, which is valid for Canada migration. Any master’s degree is highly valuable and scoring. 25 points are awarded to the applicant who has formal education.

Availability of Fund:

An applicant who tries to settle in Canada and migrating from India needs to make a fund proof. It means that the candidate has enough amounts to meet the expenditure for at least 3 months in Canada, and support the family as well.

Based on the above skillsets, the total point a candidate needs to hold is 67 points out of 100, which qualify to migrate. For the CRS selection, the cut-off is 456 as an express entry draw.

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