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  • Annual quota of 10,000 visas is identified.
  • Get permanent residency in U.S.
  • Relocate in less than 16 to 30 months.
  • Fastest way to get Green Card.
  • Great alternative to H1-B.
  • Travel to 186 countries through visa.

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Benefits of applying for EB-5 Visa

  • No waiting lists, lottery, or sponsorship required.
  • Investor & family eligible for Green Cards.
  • Live, Study, work and retire anywhere in the U.S.
  • 17 of the top 25 universities in the World.
  • Avail free education for children.
  • 9 of the top 10 hospitals in the world.

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  • Most trusted Immigration Consultant.
  • Save your time and efforts.
  • Best in Class Communication
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Hello Apex Team,

Starting with a big thank you !! I would like to appreciate the hard work, amazing followups and accurate information that you provided to me during my journey of permanent residency application for Canada. The knowledge your team comes up with is fabulous and so apt. The way followed up with me in the entire process was great !! Unfortunately, I have no time to visit but a small gesture for your hard work done !! KUDOS

- Pradnya Bawkar

Never stop to chase your dream!! My immigration journey started exactly 2 years back in 2017. With a positive report about Apex from one of my friend, I selected Apex to be my partner in this journey (which I believe was the best decision). Nearly 100 emails exchanged during the course of time with so many nice and helping Apex advisors Harshi, Pooja, Anuja, Sushma, Swati, Deepali and lastly Melanie.
Advisors came and gone but one face was constant during that journey which was of Sushma. I really like to appreciate hard work she has put for my application. She has done more than what I have expected during the course of time and I am really happy that she is in Apex to see my PR coming through. From adding my wife then my daughter to the application, changing the primary applicants multiple times, changing the name in the application Sushma helped me with calm, composure and sometimes with strictness. Sushma you dealt with such a demanding client very nicely. I would also like to appreciate Deepali who helped me with a nice smile in one of my important query in absence of Sushma, she has a way to go in Apex. Lastly, I believe Prisha (my daughter) and Melanie being the lucky for me 😉 , happy to get my life’s very important mail from her. The work is 50% completed for me hopefully Australia will have lot of opportunities for me and my family.
You guys are spreading happiness with your rich experience keep on doing great things. My overall experience with Apex as a whole was great and I would love to take it further in the future. If time permits will soon see you guys with sweets!

- Shailesh Phatak

Mr. Jeremy William Hooper, MARN: 0107902

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