Applying for a particular Australian PR requires securing a minimum point score. If immigrating to Australia is on your cards, and you are looking forward to some insights on the minimum points needed for Australia PR, the points chart, the parameters involved, etc., you’ve reached the right place! Apex Visa, the leading Australia immigration consultant in India, offers vital information in this regard.

The Points Table of Australia

Before you look at the minimum score required for Australia PR, you must know the various parameters and sub-parameters on which your eligibility is evaluated, and the number of points associated with each one of them.


Criteria Level and Points
Age 18 – 24 years: 25 points

25 – 32 years: 30 points

33 – 39 years: 25 points

40 – 44 years: 15 points

English Language Proficiency Competent: 0 points

Proficient: 10 points

Superior: 20 points

Skilled Employment Last 10 Years Outside Australia 0 – 3 years: 0 points

3 – 5 years: 5 points

5 – 8 years: 10 points

8 – 10 years: 15 points

Skilled Employment Last 10 Years Inside Australia 0 – 1 year: 0 points

1 -3 years: 5 points

3 – 5 years: 10 points

5 – 8 years: 15 points

8 – 10 years: 20 points

Educational Qualifications Doctorate: 20 points

Bachelors/ Masters: 15 points

Diploma: 10 points

Recognized Universities: 10 points

Australian Study Requirement 92 weeks course – 5 points
Doctorate/ Master Degree – 10 points Specialist Education Qualification – Australia
State 190 Sub Class: 5 points

491 Sub Class: 15 points

Partner Skills Spouse has English Competence, No Skill Assessment: 5 Points

Single (Not Married): 10 points

Partner is an Australian PR Holder or an Australian Citizen: 10 points

Spouse/partner has English Competency and Positive Skill Assessment: 10 Points


The Minimum Points Required for an Australia PR

The minimum score requires for an Australia PR is 65. However, you must remember that it is the minimum score. The higher your score, the better your chances of being invited to apply for an Australian PR. If your score is around 80 – 85 points, you stand a chance of being invited within around one to two months.


The Australian Visas that Need 65 points as Eligibility


  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

This visa allows nominated skilled workers to work/ study and live anywhere in Australia as a permanent resident. It requires you to receive an application invitation, and have,

  1. An occupation on the skilled occupation list
  2. Score 65 points
  3. English test scores
  4. Have suitable skills assessment for the occupation
  5. Receive an invitation for application


  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

This visa is for foreign workers that are invited and have the skills needed by the Australian government. It allows the visa holder to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. It doesn’t require a nominator or sponsor. The application must be before 45 years of age and must be able to apply. Additionally, an individual can apply for this visa only after receiving a formal invitation to apply.

The Processing Time for Subclass 189 and Subclass 190
Type of Visa Processing Time
Skilled Independent Visa 189 75% of applications:within 8 months

90% of applications: within 11 months

Skilled Nominated Visa 190 75% of applications: within 7 months

90% of applications: within 9 months

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