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Years of experience in the industry has made us aware of the nuances of migration rules and the intrinsic details of application processing for countries like Canada, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and many others. Apex Visas as we are more popularly known has been assisting aspiring professionals looking to achieve their dreams of migration & harness the opportunities in Canada and Australia.

The continually growing demand for skilled migrants with experience in these countries coupled with multiple benefits in terms of health, education and etc. makes countries like Canada and Australia the most sought after. We at Apex not only assist you in getting your visa but also assess your qualifications and experience to ensure that you have better chances of success.

The team of Apex is carefully chosen and trained to ensure that they are aware of the recent updates in the migration laws and rules, what makes sought after and trusted by our clients is our specialization in processing visas successfully over the years considered to be the best immigration consultant in India – we have successfully processed visas for Australia, Canada and many other countries.

We are proud that 90% of clients have not only migrated to the country of their dreams but have also successfully resettled there after opting for our services – personalised counselling, in-depth research of your profile, pro-active advices, prompt responses and transparent fees.

At Apex, we ensure that your needs are taken into consideration before we start the process. Our consultants study your profile thoroughly and counsel you about the opportunities in each of the countries keeping your future aspirations in mind and assist you in taking an informed decision.

Assisting and advising skilled professionals looking for a Permanent Residence Visa which lets one enjoy the benefits of being a citizen is definitely our forte and we can assure you that a single chat with our expert immigration advisers will make all your doubts and queries will take a back seat and you’ll be ready to start the process so that you can take a flight to the country of your dream at the earliest.

We believed in a simple mantra ‘All Countries, All Visas – Apex Visas’ & provide assistance in processing Visitor Visas, Student Visas, Dependent Visas, Family Sponsor Visas and many others – the drive to be the most sought after and the Best Visa Consultant has motivated us to grow and ensure that our growth also enhances our service standards to increase client satisfaction. We are constantly trying to reach our clients and this has led to opening 16 offices in India and coming up with offices in Australia, Canada and New Zealand respectively.

We know that getting the Visa is just the first step in the dream of migration and to ensure hassle-free options when shifting to Canada or Australia we have specially designed our Resettlement Services that gives our clients an added advantage in the new country as we provide the entire gamut of services right from pick-up assistance and accommodation assistance to job search services – we’ll be guiding and assisting you till you get settled.

We assure and promise you that no matter what is the query we will provide you with an answer and if you are searching for a options to go abroad then Apex Visas will be definitely be the right choice.


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Disclaimer: A.V. Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Apex Visas) is not a recruitment or placement agency, we do not assist any type of job and employment offers also any domestic/International placements.