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7 Easy-Going Steps Simplifying Your Canada PR Application Process

Canada pr process

Canada is one amongst the preferred destinations for immigrants the world over. Its highly-maintained lifestyle, excellent career prospects, and safe environment, make it an ideal and safe bet for Indians to reside, work and settle there permanently. However, the maple country is also home to countless immigrants through various Canada pr process having relatively easier procedures and shorter visa processing times. We, at Apex Visas, one of the best immigration consultants in Pune, always see to it that you don’t face any issues or hassles in the Canada pr process.

Canada Permanent Residence is a five-year multiple-entry visa, providing skilled foreign workers with a lucrative opportunity of working and settling in Canada, granting you the privilege of extending or renewing your visa after five years. Having a stay of three years and working tenure with the Canadian PR card, you’re ready to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada pr process under Express Entry System involves a minimum requirement of 67 points out of 100 to qualify.

To apply for a Canada pr process under the guidance of the best immigration consultants in Pune as well as Canada pr consultants in Pune, the following factors related to the evaluation are considered: 

  • Age-Maximum 45 Years.
  • Education-A candidate must have Graduate or three years Diploma level education.
  • Language Proficiency-The candidate must give IELTS exam.
  • Work Experience-Minimum of one year of experience.
  • Adaptability-Ability to adapt in the maple country.
  • Arranged Employment-Must have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in Canada pr process constitutes the following sections, with candidates need to score 1,200 points:

  • Core or Human Capital Factors-Parameters like Age, Education, Work Experience in Canada, Language Proficiency Skill.
  • Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors-Age, Education Level, Language Proficiency, Work Experience of the Spouse or Common-Law Partner.
  • Skills Transferability-Points on Education, Foreign Work Experience, Certificate of Qualification.
  • Additional Points-600 additional points for Provincial Nomination.

Canada pr process involves:

Step 1-Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)-Getting Educational Credential Assessment or ECA is a must for any candidate to prove the parity of their education at the Canadian level.

Step 2-Language Proficiency Report-Candidate requires a language expertise report with IELTS score demonstrating the English skills of applicants at par with the Canadian Government Benchmark Level (CLB) 7.

Step 3-Express Entry Application-Candidate can create an online profile in Express Entry System Profile on receiving both documents.

Step 4-CRS Score-If the candidate gets the required CRS score, then he/she will be eligible for Canada PR visa.

Step 5-Express Entry Draw-It’s a must for the applicant to wait for Express Entry Pool Draw, held at regular intervals.

Step 6-Invitation To Apply (ITA)-Candidate who secures above the rank, will get an Invitation To Apply (ITA), having 60 days to apply for PR from the date of receiving it.

Step 7-Final PR Application-The applicant can send in the Final PR Application with the required documents and if it’s approved, he/she’ll receive PR authorization.

However, after getting an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Canada permanent residence (PR), it takes 5-8 months for processing.

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