Going abroad to study is a dream for every Indian student. Foreign universities are the best bet when it comes to increasing employability, quality education, and targeting core industries. You must pick a country that matches your health, wealth, and breadth.

But, the journey from Delhi to Detroit is not an easy one. You may not get accepted to your chosen university, or worst-case scenario, your visa gets rejected. So what other options do you have? Keep an array of opportunities open so that you have a Plan B.

As the best immigration consultants in Pune, we have picked out five world-class destinations for you to study abroad. These countries are immigrant-friendly and welcome international students with open arms.


#1. Australia- The Land Down Under

Australia is a great island country located in the southern hemisphere. With its sunny beaches and hot climate, Australia is the perfect destination for Indian people. But what does it hold for students? It has forty-one universities that provide the best-in-class education in finance, engineering, and tourism.

The Aussie government awards a CRICOS code to all its students that meet global standards. They have a low cost of living, multiple student services, and great healthcare facilities. Apart from this, Australia allows international students to work 20 hours per week during courses and 40 hours during the holiday season. You can pay off your student loans and health insurance with the money you make.

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#2. Canada- The Great White North

Canada, the world’s most immigrant-friendly country, provides a holistic learning experience to all its students. It ranks number one in the United Nation’s survey of the most preferred destination for international students. Three of Canada’s universities come in the top 50 list of the QS World University Rankings. 

In addition, the Canadian government allows you to take up immediate work after you complete your degree. It has flexible visa policies and invites talent from all over the world to contribute to multiculturalism.

So, what are you waiting for? Consult the best immigration consultants in Pune to get your student visa to Canada.


#3. Ireland- The Emerald Isle

Ireland is an island nation to the west of Great Britain. The lush green countryside that has cliffs and is surrounded by the sea on all sides, Ireland is truly a beauty. The Irish are the most humorous people you will ever encounter.

Besides this, Irish universities are in the top 3% of the world’s best universities. The prestigious Trinity College in Dublin is an academic dream that has scholars flooding out from every corner. Ireland offers premium education in the field of business and data analytics. 

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#4. United Kingdom- The Land of Shakespeare

When it comes to science and research no one can beat the Brits. The UK has produced around 137 Nobel Laureates and is home to esteemed schools like the University of Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial College in London.

It has given birth to great academics and researchers who are the thought leaders of the 21st century. Recently, the Brexit deal has extended the post-study visa for Indian students up to two years. This means that students can gain international work experience in the UK after the completion of their studies.

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#5. New Zealand- The Kiwi

Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is becoming an increasingly popular choice among international students. An island nation with a rich geological history and white sandy beaches, it is warm for both nature and people. 

The Kiwi governance uses a large part of its funds to provide quality education and infrastructure in educational institutes. Furthermore, its smooth visa policy welcomes students from all backgrounds. It is an excellent choice for a Ph.D. student as you will be charged the same fees as locals for getting your doctorate.

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