Canada is a great country known for its high living standards and career opportunities that is the reason Many Indians wish to settle there because of its diversity and immigrant-friendly environment. Every year 300,000 immigrants arrive in Canada. Here is where Canada immigration consultants in Delhi step in. We take care of the entire procedure for you to apply for Canadian immigration. We make sure that your application is pitch-perfect so that it does not get rejected by the hundreds they receive each year. Let us tell you why it is necessary & what are the reasons to hire a Canada immigration consultant. 

It is not easy to get visa approval because Canadian authorities are strict about their immigration policies. Now that you have decided to move to Canada, you will need a strong application that fulfills all criteria.

You will have a perfect IELTS score and a job opportunity. But the only thing that hinders your application process is the load of paperwork and details that need to be filled in. 

4 Reasons to Hire Canada Immigration Consultant

1. It is quite tedious to fill out the forms yourself.

Your busy schedule will not allow you ample time to fill out the forms. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you delegate the task to an immigration consultant. If you are doing this process for the first time, you may lack expertise. 

For example, you may be eligible for more than one type of visa. In such cases, it is better to avoid confusion and take help. 

Sometimes a student decides to take up part-time work to meet their expenses. A work permit is required for it and it is better if you consult someone with knowledge in this area. 

As Canada immigration consultants in Delhi, we are licensed to inform you about the most suitable visa for your profile. 

2. The chances of visa rejection are high.

The visa rejection rate in Canada is nearly 41%. Many clients come to us saying they applied for the visa themselves but it got rejected. This is a common problem that can be addressed by professional consultants. 

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is very meticulous about checking every detail in an application. Your profile should be up to the mark if you want to get a visa, PR, and other services. The profile should be eligible for the program you are choosing. 

We are expert Canada immigration consultants in Delhi who help you in making the best profile for immigration. 

3. You may miss attaching some important documents.

It is only human error if you are filling out the forms yourself for the first time and forget to attach one document. This leads to the refusal of the visa and a second application will be a time-consuming affair. 

Many additional papers other than your personal information are required for the visa. You are expected to submit NOCs, bank statements, passport verifications, and a lot more. A consultant takes care that all these documents are present in your request. 

The rejection of a visa gets stamped on your passport which can affect future travel. Therefore, you should be sure about the documents and details you submit. 

As the best Canada immigration consultants in Delhi, we are well-versed with all the documents required for visa approvals.

4. Immigration consultants are licensed professionals.

Canada has created the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This organization monitors the work of the consultants. A consultant is legal only if they are a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

To check if your consultant is registered, you need to search for their name in the online directory of Canadian Immigration Consultants. This council assures public interest. 

Consultants are in direct contact with the higher authorities and will communicate with them about your visa troubles. They are also updated with various policy changes that you may not be aware of. So it is wiser if you take the help of immigration consultants. 

We are registered Canada immigration consultants in Delhi that suggest you myriad alternatives if you have any issues with your visa application. 

From the points above, we have established the importance of a consultant to guide you on the reasons to hire Canada immigration consultant. At Apex Visa We work hard so that you achieve your goals in Canada. We help you in getting that dream job, education, relocation, or vacation- whatever you may need. 

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