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5 Reasons Canadian Study Permit Applications Get Refused

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Canada Study Visa Applications are rejected

  • Absence of an Acceptance Letter

Obtaining a letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian host school on the designated learning institutions list is necessary before you apply for a Canada study visa. If the visa officers doubt the authenticity and validity of the LOA, they might reject your visa application.

  • Incomplete or Inappropriate Documents

For every application, it is imperative to submit the documents required by the immigration authorities. Failure to submit a document, or submitting an invalid document, or both, may result in rejection. As a result, you must partner with an Immigration consultant to know the documents to be submitted and get their validity and adequacy examined before you apply for a Canada study visa. 

  • Inconsistent Academic Performance

Consistency in academic performance is another factor that can make or break your application. Remember, visa officers, look for consistent academic performance. It includes good grades, your IELTS or TOEFL score that indicates your proficiency in English. Inconsistency or poor grades everywhere might create suspicion in the visa officer’s mind, whether you will be able to manage to study in Canada, where everything is taught in English.

  • Inadequate Financial Credibility

Submitting a bank certificate or a bank statement is part of the Canadian visa application process. Demonstrating a certain level of financial stability signifies your ability to support yourself financially while studying in Canada. Here, factors such as a potential uncertainty or inability to pay for accommodation, course fees, travel, etc., might result in the rejection of the application. Consult with a Canadian visa process consultancy expert in this regard.

  • Inadequate Proof of Intent

The study permit is a temporary visa with limited validity. As an applicant, you must submit enough proof of intent to return to your home country. Although it does not mean you cannot extend your study visa, you must provide documents signifying your intent of return to ensure you will not stay in Canada after the study visa’s expiration. You can do so with a detailed personal statement. Additionally, you must understand the dual intent concept, wherein you initially visit Canada temporarily for work or study and then intend to become its permanent resident.

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