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Canada PR

Stunning landscapes, a high standard of living, extensive career opportunities, and immigrant-friendly government policies are a few factors that make Canada one of the most popular countries for immigration. Annually, several thousands of people immigrate to Canada to seek permanent residence and, further, become Canadian citizens. India, in particular, constitutes the largest source of immigrants […]

Canada PR Requirements

The second-largest country by area, Canada also happens to be one of the most developed nations across the globe. The country continues to be a hotspot for immigrants worldwide, owing to employment opportunities, economic prosperity, political stability, and world-class infrastructure. While Canada fascinates immigrants worldwide, India, in particular, has been the leading immigrant source for […]


Not just citizens of a particular country but even immigrants contribute to Host Country’s economy through studies and entrepreneurship. In every country, the number of immigrants are twice as compared to the native-born. Many Host Countries believe that their success is not possible without immigrants. Immigrants have an important contribution to the building of economy […]

How to Immigrate to Canada from Kolkata

The immigrant-friendly strategies and the government’s encouragement of migrants to come and work in Canada is the only reason behind the high percentage of Canada immigration. Apart from this, Canada PR offers numerous job opportunities for promising a comfortable lifestyle and personnel freedom. One of the options to migrate from Kolkata to Canada is to […]

Study Visa

Nowadays, students are keen to study in internationally recognized universities. It might be a difficult take to choose from various countries and top-notch universities that match your choice and offer affordable courses. Well, New Zealand is one such destination that not just boosts the quality of life, but great education too. Apex Study Abroad LLP […]