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Six Factors Which Select Migrant under Express Entry Immigration Program

Canada Express Entry Program

Immigration to Canada is made easy by selection through the federal skilled worker program, commonly termed as the express entry. Under this program, the migrant is selected based on the skills rather than getting first-come-first-served basis.

For Canada immigration, the selection factor is based on six different things where an overall score is 100. The candidate who secures 67 points or more has to qualify for the FSWP. There are various ranking systems for different profiles. By submitting an express entry pool and fulfilling the requirement, the applicant qualifies for immigration.

To migrate and score better, here are three things on which you can work for successful immigration.

– Improving language skills

– Getting an additional educational qualification like degrees, certificates or diploma

– Getting an offer letter in advance for employment in Canada


Skill Set 1: Language Skills

For immigration to Canada, the first thing to check is the language ability. The official languages English and French are must for accessible communication, and based on language skills; a person can score a maximum of 28 points. For better communication, the skill set is judged on the ability to speak, read, write, and listen.

To measure the language skill, language testing in different levels help:

– English: CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks)

– French: NCLC (Niveaux de compétenceLinguistiqueCanadiens)

A candidate can be awarded 24 points based on the aptitude and further 4 more points for a second language which demonstrates “adequate intermediate proficiency.” Undergoing the language test, you can check how many points is awarded for the language factor.


Skill Set 2: Educational Skills

If you have completed or undergone for further studies in Canada, you may have different certificates, diploma, or degree as a Canadian. If you got an education from any other foreign country, the knowledge needs to have an educational credential assessment (ECA) where the certificates of completion or Canadian diploma or degree. All these educational details need to be filled at the time of immigration application.

A candidate can be awarded 25 points based on the level of education. The categorization is as follows:

Dr. Level professional score 25 points,

  • Master-level professional score 23 points,
  • 2 or more post-secondary credentials score 22 points,
  • 3 or more post-secondary credentials score 21 points,
  • 2 years post-secondary credentials score 19 points,
  • 1 year post-secondary credentials score 15 points, and the secondary level migrant will score 5 points only.

The federal selects the one who is best suitable as per the required credentials in addition to the cost, time and documents.


Skill Set 3: Working Skills

A candidate can be awarded 15 points based on the working skill. Those who have spent 30 hours/ week or worked full time worked 15 hours/week for two years are classified under the skill 0, A and B. Further the point is classified based on the working time for say whether you work during studies, or you are self-employed etc. A NOC list needs to be passed and classify the status of the job, which purely helps in bifurcating the skills, talents and duties for different jobs.

Describing the job role and experience adds the value and helps in scoring. If you are employed in Canada for at least 1 year you can apply as an FSW (Federal Skilled Worker).


Skill Set 4: Adaptability

Maximum 10 points are awarded for the adaptability in which the migrant along with the spouse or partner (by law) can immigrate to Canada. It is related to the elements which classify and indicates the citizenship factors for immigration to become an economically established Canadian Citizen.

Below mentioned are few things which define the adaptability:

Language skill of the spouse, past education of the spouse/ immigrant if studied in Canada, past working experience in Canada, relatives living in Canada etc define adaptability.


Skill Set 5: Age

Immigration to Canada as a skilled federal worker also depends upon the applicant’s age. Younger an applicant is more points; they can score those who are aged between 18 to 35 years can get 12 points and who are aged more than 46 years get the least 1 point.


Skill Set 6: Arranged Employment

For the full-time employment as a PR in Canada having an offer of Arranged employment qualifies for immigration to Canada as a PR and also helps to accomplish the desired goals easily.

The Canadians make full-time employment as a PR for skilled foreign workers. The Canadian employers allow the workers to migrate easily as a Canadian employer.

If you have all the skills mentioned above set and you are willing for Canada immigration then by the support of the immigration agent like Apex Visas you can successfully migrate.