Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants from various countries. However, while the country is welcoming, migrating to it is equally challenging. That’s because you’ve got competitors across the globe. Your application may seem competitive enough to you. But then, if it doesn’t meet the criteria, it will face rejection.

Migrating to Canada might be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. One of the best ways to migrate to Canada is through the Express Entry Program. But then, the program also comes with its unique set of requirements. To increase the likelihood of the approval of your Express Entry application, you must strengthen it. How? Apex Visas, one of the top Canada immigration consultants in Pune, offers some tips in this regard.

5 Tips to Boost Your Canada Express Entry Application

From increasing professional experience to hiring an overseas recruitment agency, here are five things you can do to boost your Canada Express Entry Application.

  • Increase Your Professional Experience

Canada visa requires at least three years of professional experience. If you do not have it, or your experience falls short, you must work for the required number of years to gain the amount of experience needed to strengthen your application. In case you are already working in Canada on a temporary work permit, you will be in an even better situation. Your experience in Canada will also be counted and can help you claim more CRS points.

  • Enhance Your Language Skills

Another way to enhance your CRS score is to improve your language skills. There are two ways through which you can improve your language skills. One is learning a second language, and the second is reappearing for the original language text. The language benchmark of Canada goes up to level CLB 9. So, if you’ve scored a CLB 8, you still have the scope to score some extra points. If your English language skills are at par, you can take up learning another language, as Canada awards an additional 22 CRS points for people who speak a second language.

  • Complete Another Course or Qualification

This is a bit of a long-term investment. But it is worth it. Completing another qualification helps you score human capital points. It also allows you to receive more skill transferability points and increase your value as a candidate.

  • Get a Provincial Nomination

Getting a Provincial Nomination proves highly beneficial. How? The maximum number of points that can be earned in Canada’s CRS is 1200. Now, if you receive Provincial Nomination, you earn 600 points. That means, if you have a Provincial Nomination by your side, you already take yourself halfway through.

Now, even if your Provincial Nomination isn’t enough, you don’t have to worry. You can easily earn an extra 100 points if you are between the ages of 20-29. Further, having three years of experience can help you earn an additional 115 points to your CRS score.

  • Appoint an Overseas Job Agency

An overseas job agency will keep track of the job opportunities in Canada best suited for your skill set, experience, and qualifications. It will help you precisely apply for jobs apt for your profile. Remember, having a job offer while applying for Canadian immigration through the Express Entry Program helps you earn an extra 200 points.

Apply For Express Entry Program with the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi.

Apex Visas is one of the top consultants to immigrate to Canada. Apex’s Canada visa consultants offer comprehensive assistance right from helping you identify the best immigration program, fill in the application, provide tips on enhancing your application’s value, and communicate with the concerned authorities on your application’s progress. Additionally, the consultants are updated on the latest Canada PR process.

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